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Since I regularly perform two very different styles of music–classical and early music and Irish traditional–I needed a fiddle that has the sensibilities of a ‘classical’ violin (well-balanced, the ability to project, and articulate) as well as sensibilities of good ‘fiddle'(a bit darker on the lower end, a sound that can be pushed and pulled to encompass the grittiness and the sweetness of Irish music).I had the opportunity to play two Gaurneri violins that had the perfect balance of these qualities ,so it made sense to me to give Peter’s Gaurneri copy a try. Peters’s violin was only three months old when I first played it. I was always a bit wary of new violins only because I had not had much experience with them, and was afraid I didn’t know enough to gauge how they might open up.The sound even then was exactly what I was looking for ,and it continues to open up in the most wonderful ways. There was never a thin, harsh or uneven moment in its life and it continually challenges me to find its limits.

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