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Seman Violins sells and rents Violas and Viola cases. We haves been providing quality string instruments in Chicago for over 10 years.The instruments shown on these pages are a representation of the range that we offer for sale. Our inventory changes quite frequently. We truly enjoy helping a player search for a new instrument, and we are always available to find an item for any budget. For a comprehensive list of instruments and bows in any price range, please email us here

Daniel Achatius Stadlman, Vienna, 1738 16″

A huge sound from a beautiful and reasonably sized viola. Excellent condition, beautiful workmanship and very playable.

David Polstein, Newton Centre, 1999 16 3/8 inches

This instrument is a great example of why modern American instruments are performing so well against their older European counterparts. A truly beautiful viola with a booming sound.

Frederick E. Haenel, New Milford, Ct. 16 ¼ inches

Was born in Saxony Germany ca 1895 and lived in New York and Canada. His instruments were very popular in the Philadelphia orchestra, and was specifically known for his violas

Tschu Ho Lee viola 2002 16 1/4

Tschu Ho Lee, Chicago, 2002, 16 1/4″

Excellent example by the founder of the Chicago School of Violin Making.

Joseph Kantuscher, Mittenwald, 1965 16 ¼ inches

Went to the Mittenwald School of Violin Making and passed his Masters test in 1949. This viola was commissioned by the Bavarian State Orchestra and is accompanied by the original bridge with Kantuschers patented bridge design.

David Weibe, David City, 1983 17

David Weibe, David City, 1983 17″

The narrow upper bout on this large pattern viola, makes it a very playable instrument.