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We build, repair, and sell some of the finest cellos in Chicago. The instruments shown on these pages are a representation of the range that we offer for sale. Our inventory changes quite frequently. We truly enjoy helping a player search for a new instrument, and we are always available to find an item for any budget. For a comprehensive list of instruments and bows in any price range, please email us here

Peter R. Seman cello

Peter R. Seman, Chicago, 2017

A copy of the Stradivari cello Gore-Booth from 1710. The wood is Italian Poplar from the Bissolotti workshop in Cremona. For more information on this cello please contact us here
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cello German Mittenwald ca 1850

German/Mittenwald ca 1850

This beautiful old cello was played in the San Diego Symphony for many decades. The dark, warm tone makes this a truly enjoyable instrument to play.
J B Vuillaume

J. B. Vuillaume, Paris, 1828

A beautiful example by this great french master. Power and complexity define the sound.

Mirecourt, ca 1900

Mirecourt France was home to thousands of very talented makers, some of whom never received the accolades they were due.

Marino Capicchioni, Rimini, 1926

Considered a master among modern Italian makers, this early example from a maker known for cellos is in excellent condition with an enormous sound.

Peter Wamsley, London, 1735

An excellent English cello from an important maker known for establishing the prominence of British cellos.

Günther Reuter, Chicago, 1982

This cello won a Violin Society of America Gold Medal for tone and workmanship. Beautiful workmanship from this Mittenwald trained master violin maker.