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Welcome to the Seman Violins website. 

In business in Skokie since 1989, we recently moved to a new location at 4447 Oakton St. We have a fine selection of Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, and Bows along with accessories and cases. We serve clients as near as Chicago and the North Shore and our reach extehttp://semanviolins.com/sitemap.xmlnds across the nation and internationally. From professionals to students, and we strive to make every client happy. If have any questions or need a consultation call us at 847-674-0690.

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  • Since I am rarely called upon live or in the studio to perform orthodox, I can’t begin to describe what a pleasure it is to own a violin so smoothly articulate and so completely tonally colored as to be up to any task demanded of it; Pop, rock, classical, jazz,country or hip-hop this violin has all the character presence and warmth to tackle any application. In short-THIS VIOLIN ROCKS!
    David Ragsdale
  • Everyone always asks who made my violin. They even ask if it is the real Gaurneri. The sound is deep, rich, and incredibly warm. It fills up an entire hall with the biggest sound. This is one of the best violins I’ve ever used and my attachment to the instrument is separable. Thank You to the Rachel Elizabeth Barton Pine Foundation for loaning me this instrument and Peter Seman for making this extraordinary work of art.
    Gallia Kastner

We just traveled back from Miami with a carry on cello. Tips for flying with a large musical instrument and airplanes? 1. Be nice to everyone…

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A Great Concert to Welcome Spring http://conta.cc/1zB3YgQ

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Happy Valentines Day from Seman Violins!!!!

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Shop ski trip at Cascade mountain!

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Headed to ILMEA in Peoria this weekend? Stop by the Seman Violins booth and say Hi! We would love to see our friends and fans.

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David Ragsdale playing his new Peter Seman violin with Kansas!

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